Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naymee?

Naymee is a social network for people that love domains. Build your domain portfolio and start showing it off. Naymee also makes it easy to list your unwanted and/or unused web domains for sale. It's free to use and has a super smooth offer and purchase process baked in.

How does it work?

After you sign up, add your domain names to your Naymee account. These domains will show up on your Naymee profile page where visitors can click the "Make Offer" button to start the purchase process for your domain. Visitors can also use the Naymee search feature to find your domains (coming soon).

Are domains listed on Naymee verfied for ownership?

Yes! When a person adds a domain to their account on Naymee, they must prove they own it before it gets listed publicly online. People must go through a CNAME ownership verificaiton process for all domains added to Naymee.

How can I verify my domain?

After adding your domain, you'll be given a unique token to use to create a TXT record, with its value being the unique token. You must add this TXT record to your root domain, and not any subdomain. Naymee will then check the DNS records of your domain, looking for this newly created TXT record. Once it finds the record, your domain will be verified. Head over to the website/service that manages the DNS records for your website to add the TXT record from there.

How does the offer process work?

When you receive an offer, you'll get an email notification, as well as a notification in your Naymee account. You can then choose to Decline the offer, or Accept it. If you decline, an email will be sent to the other party letting them know you've declined their offer. If you accept their offer, they will receive an email letting them know you've accepted their offer. Next, they will kick off the purchase process from within their Naymee account. For now, the purchase process goes through and is handled by

How much does it cost?

It's completely free to use. No ads. When you sell a domain thorugh Naymee there is a 4% transaction fee (2% to the seller, and 2% to the buyer). I plan to charge for additional functionality for pro level users in the near future.

Someone has listed a domain that I own. How can I claim it as mine?

If someone has listed a domain that you own, and they do not own, please send a DM on Twitter to @NaymeeHQ and after verifing that you are in fact the owner of the domain, the domain will be moved to your account.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. You can read more about it here.

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I need help with my account. How can I contact support?

Contact Naymee on Twitter for support: @NaymeeHQ.

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